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Importance of Communication Skills

Importance of Communication Skills

A Message from our Founder

Over the years, I have studied the lives of individuals across societies and countries, including my own personal and professional life. I’ve observed that the common denominator in most successful relationships is communication skills.

Whether it’s a company, family, community, partnership, friendship, or any other organization that involves 2 or more human beings, the ability to communicate determines the quality of the relationships.

The better the communication skills, the better the relationships and hence, the better the organization’s health. With this in mind, our purpose is simply:​

To help entrepreneurs & executives succeed by speaking & selling better through our revolutionary courses.

We believe that life can be so much easier and better if we can communicate that much more effectively. The benefits of better communication will be seen and felt not only by the speaker but also by recipients.

The truth is, it’s not that difficult to be a much more confident, convincing & competent speaker. All it takes is an insight to the human psychology, an established framework, and a progressive guidance.

Importance of Communication Skills in Summary

➊ Communication Skills are lifelong skills
that will last a lifetime.

➋ Communication skills are 'learnable'

➌ Communication skills are beneficial for your
personal & professional life


~ Iwan Yang

Iwan Yang

Professional Speaker, Trainer, Founder of SpeakSellSucceed™

Iwan graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU) and founded travel agency, Lokopoko Travel, in 2009. With his experience & proficiency in digital marketing, Iwan also started a digital marketing form with his wife and partners in 2016 that manages the Travel Agent Consulting [TAC] brand.

Passion & Accolades

Being extremely passionate in languages, Iwan has never stopped polishing his language and dialect abilities (English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Indonesian, Javanese). He has since established Learn Indonesian Hub to help Singapore residents learn Bahasa Indonesia through a fun, quality program.

In addition to his enthusiasm for languages, Iwan is extremely passionate in speaking and writing. Iwan is a public speaking champion in the Toastmasters circuit, having won numerous International speech, Humorous speech, and Evaluation speech contests. He’s also an ACTA-trained & MOE-registered trainer. In 2018, Iwan was awarded as top writer in Quora, a popular American question-and-answer platform.

Launch of SpeakSellSucceed™

For the past 8 years, Iwan has been coaching and training adults in presentation skills, public speaking, sales, online course creation, and digital marketing. With an accumulated experience in training a wide spectrum of students from working adults, executives, company leaders and even a few billionaires, Iwan decided to launched SpeakSellSucceed™.

Leveraging on his life experience as an entrepreneur, trainer and speaker, Iwan has developed world-class speaking & presentation courses under the SpeakSellSucceed™ program.

The SpeakSellSucceed™ program has been designed to help entrepreneurs & executives develop success-driven communication and selling skills for a successful personal and professional life.

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